Avoid These Facebook Fan Page Mistakes

Struggling to see a good ROI on your business Facebook page? If you’re committing one of most frequent Facebook for business mistakes, you could be undoing all of your best social marketing efforts. Here’s a list of the top five Facebook errors businesses make–and how to avoid them.

Having a “set it and forget it” mentality. One of the most frequent mistakes businesses make with Facebook is to create a page and ignore it. When it comes to Facebook for marketing, there’s no such thing as “if you build it, they will come.” Facebook marketing takes serious time and effort, and you won’t build an effective page or fan base overnight. Remember that social media marketing is most effective when you’re using it to cultivate genuine interactions with customers. Customers expect timely responses from your business on Facebook, and they expect you to keep things interesting with regular and useful posts. Fail to do these things, and your fans will tune you out.

Not doing the homework. If you’re new to Facebook, do yourself a favor and explore the site’s full functionality before you jump into full-fledged Facebook marketing. Facebook offers many unique tools that allow businesses to introduce themselves to the social media space; yet one of the most frequent mistakes businesses make involves diving into the platform without really knowing how to use it. From simple mistakes like neglecting to display a profile pic properly or forgetting to fill out the “info” tab to overlooking the power of Facebook Insights for analytics, there are many ways to misuse Facebook for business. Do some homework before you jump in, and you can ensure you maximize your Facebook presence.

Failing to learn the rules. Becoming familiar with Facebook’s official terms is just as important as understanding how Facebook works. Some of the most common terms violations that small businesses make on Facebook include setting up their profiles as personal (rather than business pages) and violating Facebook’s online contest rules. Violating the site’s terms can get your rental property kicked off of Facebook entirely. If you’d rather not see all your hard, community-building work go down the drain, you’d better know Facebook’s terms forwards and backwards.

Too much shilling, not enough sharing. Of all the Facebook errors a business can make, over-promotion is probably the worst. While there’s definitely a time and place for promotional messages on social media platforms, it’s best not to forget that social media exists to connect people. When you’re using Facebook for business, sharing interesting, engaging content is much more important than tooting your own horn. Effective social media marketing hinges on authenticity, and that means sharing useful links, status updates, blog posts, videos and photo albums with your Facebook fans–not using your Facebook wall as if it were a traditional advertisement.

Ignoring negative feedback. Another one of the most common Facebook mistakes involves shying away from uncomfortable fan interactions. Some businesses delete or ignore negative comments, but that’s a mistake. Ignoring negative comments only makes your followers more angry, and that anger can snowball quickly–especially if the angry fan has a large social network. That’s why it’s important to develop a strategy for responding to negative Facebook comments that allows your brand to demonstrate good customer service. Show your fans that you’re committed to listening to them–in good times and bad–and you’ll create true brand loyalty.

If any of these Facebook mistakes sound familiar to you, don’t fret. Remember that the social media universe can also be very forgiving–as long as you interact with your fans in an authentic, transparent way.

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