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What You Should Know about Phoenix: Intel from Local Bloggers

What You Should Know about Phoenix: Intel from Local BloggersHere at Apartment Guide, we wanted to get a local sense of life in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona.

We reached out to three Phoenix area bloggers to get their varied takes on the city. These notable, local Phoenix experts share from their own points of view the details you need to know to understand the city a bit better. How Phoenix is changing, where to visit, how to get around, great spots to eat… it’s all here!

David Bickford is the author and creator of the top-rated blog PHX Rail Food, “devoted to good eating along the light rail line that connects Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.” David’s is the number one Phoenix food blog as ranked on Urbanspoon.com.

Scott Dunn of VisitPhoenix.com and The Hot Sheet Blog is a former journalist and now Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Gwen Ashley Walters of Pen&Fork.com is a food journalist, professional chef, and award-winning cookbook author. She lives in Scottsdale, a nearby suburb of Phoenix.

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How to Practice Music in Your Apartment (without Disturbing the Peace!)

practice music in an apartment

Not everyone may love your practice time. We share some foolproof (and soundproof) tips for playing music in your apartment without neighborly noise drama.

Do you like to sing or practice music in an apartment setting with neighbors right on the other side of shared walls?

Depending on how much sound you make when you practice, you may find yourself on the receiving end of some neighborly, shall we say, feedback – and it’s probably not as much about your performance abilities as the noise level!

So, what can an apartment musician do to satisfy his talent and keep calm in the neighborhood?

This singer shares some tips that may work for you.

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The Most Popular Words in Apartment Names

apartment namesIn previous articles, we’ve highlighted findings from our data about the highest rent in the nation and the most expensive square feet by metro, among other discoveries.

But instead of looking strictly at the numbers, this time, we thought we might check out the words.

Looking at the thousands of listings on Apartment Guide, we discovered the most popular and unique apartment community names.

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E-Cigarettes: What Renters Need to Know

e-cigaretteBans on smoking have drawn both controversy and congratulations in varying degrees across the country. In many apartment communities, there are rules are in place restricting smoking.

Now, the introduction of a new technology that looks and feels like smoking — without actually being tobacco smoking — is reigniting the debate about where and when it’s appropriate to “light up.”

Should electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, be restricted along with other nicotine products to protect nonsmokers?

Here’s the latest information we found for those who share apartment spaces.

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Moving Insurance: What You Need to Know

Learn how to choose between moving insurance options to protect your stuff when you move!

Learn how to choose between moving insurance options to protect your stuff when you move!

Moving soon?

Whether you choose to hire a professional moving company or handle the dirty work yourself, you’ll need to consider how much you are willing to pay to protect and possibly replace your possessions in the event of damage, loss or theft. So what do you know about moving insurance?

For do-it-yourself movers, buying insurance falls to the individual. But when you hire the services of a moving company, the options become a bit more involved.

We’ll discuss the key ideas you need to know to affordably protect the things you’re moving. Read on to determine the best, umm, move for YOUR move, as it applies to understanding and pricing moving insurance.

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The Most Expensive Square Feet in the Nation: 20 Metros Where Rented Space Really Costs You

In a previous article, Apartment Guide looked at internal data to determine apartment rent costs per square foot nationwide. We learned the median rent for an entry-level apartment — $769 in April of this year — and how much space that amount would rent in metropolitan areas (metros) around the country.

Below is an expanded list to include the twenty most expensive metros for renting by square foot based on internal apartment listings data on Apartment Guide in May 2014.

Note that you can adjust the slider in either direction to display metros according to their relative expense by square foot.

Keep an eye on what your renting dollar can buy in some of the most desired places to live in the country!
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How to Deal with a Nightmare Neighbor

Freudpuzzlecartoonguys600sizeApartment dwellers have neighbors. It’s a fact. Hopefully, you’re on good terms.

The neighbors many people are talking about the past few weeks are the ones portrayed by Seth Rogen and Zac Efron on the big screen in the movie “Neighbors.”

Their attempts to (cough!) get along result in mayhem at a level you’ll likely not experience as an everyday apartment dweller. (After all, you’d need a stunt double to safely get through some of those antics.)

Their silliness brings up a serious point, however. What do you do when you desperately want to get along with a challenging apartment neighbor?

Maybe you and your neighbor have a different idea of how loudly music should be played in the evening. Or perhaps your neighbor’s cooking is making itself a little too noticeable in your own apartment.

Small conflicts can exist, and the good news is they can be worked out when both parties come together and communicate. But here’s the challenge: you may have to be the one to broker an agreement.

With the skills you’ll read about here, you’ll be able to bring even a nightmarish neighbor to the negotiating table and work toward an acceptable outcome.

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Shut Your Mouth! and Other Suggestions about Late-Night Snacking

Chicken leg in bed? Messy, messy!

Has late-night snacking at home in your apartment become the norm, rather than the exception? We offer suggestions to help you curb after-hours eating.

Are evening hours a dangerous time for your diet?

Has after-hours snacking at home in your apartment become the norm, rather than the exception?

Eating behaviors can be some of the most challenging to change. For many of us who relate to the pleasures of food, it’s a long road. Failure, at times, is all but a guarantee.

This is true of my personal experience. I can’t say that I have successfully engaged any of the behavioral suggestions that follow for any length of time, though all have worked for me in moments.

Snacking success comes on a sliding scale. You’ll win some, and you’ll lose some. Think of snack control as a mental exercise, in addition to a physical one. You can hone how you think, especially when you understand why you eat when you do. Think about why you like to snack in the evening, and consider these tips to keep your mind off-menu.

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Video: 9 Roommates We’ll All Eventually Have

Living with a roommate can be great, but it can also test the limits of your patience.

The most challenging apartment roommate may very well be whomever is currently living under the same roof with you.

Check out these nine types of roommates you’ll likely recognize. From the Clean Freak to the Night Owl, some of these types really put the ‘apart-’ in apartment!

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What’s the Nation’s Median Rent — and How Much Space Will That Get You?

Here at Apartment Guide, we wondered what we might learn about the price of a square foot of apartment space across the country, if we took a look at our own data.

We discovered that, for properties which advertise on Apartment Guide, the nationwide median rental price of an entry-level studio or one bedroom apartment is $769. This means that half of these properties rent for more, half for less.

Our next question: so, how many square feet might that $769 rent you around the nation? We then determined the median entry-level apartment price per square foot in CBSAs (metros) with at least 30 properties listed on the site in April 2014.

The winner for most affordable space? Springfield, Missouri.

California’s San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara charge the most per square foot.

Read on (and click the map above) to get the skinny on your favorite metros!

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