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Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party

If you’ve moved even once in your life, you know the stresses that go along with the process. First there’s finding an apartment, which, let’s face it, takes a great deal more time and energy than anything should. Then there’s packing, which is no small task, especially if you’re trying to do it while staying organized. And finally, there’s the move itself– perhaps the most stressful part.

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party

Here’s the thing, though: A couple of these parts of the process can be made a little less stressful by inserting some fun into them. How do you possibly make moving fun, you ask? Well, by throwing a party. A moving party is the perfect way to get help from friends, have fun, and let loose a bit while still crossing everything off of your moving checklist. Here’s how to host one:

Decide What Type of Moving Party You’d Prefer

The first thing you need to do when throwing a moving party is decide which aspect of the move you need to get help with. The packing? Moving everything to your new place? This will help you determine when the party should be, who to invite, and all of the other details involved.

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party - Decide What Type of Moving Party You'd Prefer

A packing party is a really fun way to spend an evening with friends, and it typically doesn’t require a lot of heavy lifting or walking up and down a lot of stairs– that means your friends may be more likely to sign on. A moving party is a fun way to handle the day of the move, but it can be tiring for the people involved.

Pick the Right People

The people you invite will depend highly on the type of moving party you’re planning. If you’re having a packing party, invite people you know you can have fun with (and people who you don’t mind going through your stuff).

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party- Pick the Right People

Packing parties are a lot of fun with a group of close friends who can all work together and be silly at the same time. For a moving day party, get help from some of your stronger friends or anyone who doesn’t mind lifting furniture and heavy boxes.

Skip the Decor

Sure, this is a party. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a great idea to go all out with streamers, banners, balloons, and other decorations you may be tempted to pick up at the dollar store.

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party - Skip the Decor

Decor, while fun, is just one more thing you’ll have to get rid of during the moving process, which means you’ll really be piling on more work for yourself. Besides, your apartment will likely be in a state of disarray anyway, and your friends aren’t likely to care about what your place looks like.

Come Prepared

When your friends come over to help you pack or move, they’ll be ready and raring to get started. Do a little prep work before the party to come up with specific tasks that your friends can help you with– that way nobody is left without something to do.

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party - Come Prepared

If you’re having a packing party, create “stations” and have your friends pick whichever one they’d most want to do (i.e. bathroom, closet, kitchen, etc.).

Make it Fun

Be careful not to make your guests feel like they’re in a boot camp, though. Sure, you asked to get help from them, but it’s also supposed to be a fun party. If you’re having a packing party, play music, take breaks, chat, and do whatever else you want to make the evening exciting.

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party - Make it Fun

In fact, you may want to plan some fun games you all can do while taking breaks throughout the night– keep a deck of cards or a couple of board games out of boxes. For a moving day party, keep everyone excited with music and hold regular dance breaks during the move.

Provide Sustenance

Bribes aren’t always a bad thing, and in this case, they’re practically required. In exchange for your friends’ help, make sure you have some good food and drinks around to help keep things fun.

Get Help With Moving by Hosting a Party - Provide Sustenance

Order a pizza and open a couple of bottles of wine, or pick up a box of doughnuts and coffees the morning of your moving day. It’s a good idea to buy a few paper or plastic dishes, utensils, and cups (or wineglasses) so that you don’t have to keep your dishes unpacked.

Don’t Take ‘No’ Personally

Packing and moving parties aren’t necessarily everyone’s “thing,” so don’t take it personally if one of your friends declines your invitation. Just move on and enjoy the company of the people who can make it!

No matter how stressed you are about moving to a new apartment (or even a new city or state), moving parties are a great way to get help while letting yourself relax a bit– so send out your invites and have fun!

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