Tips and Tricks for Packing Your Moving Truck

Hints and Tips for Packing Your Moving Truck

Don’t leave off a strategy for packing your moving truck until you’re half-way through the job. For a smooth and safe relocation, arm yourself with these helpful packing tips before you begin to load up the truck.

Stage your stuff
It makes sense to do a walk-through an hour or so before you begin loading, queuing items and boxes in the order you’d like them to go into the truck.

Assemble your moving gear
Include furniture pads and straps on your moving inventory list, as well as a hand truck to help you move heavy objects. Before the truck arrives, wrap mattresses and box springs in large plastic bags, secure mirrors and framed wall art in special cardboard boxes, and prepare the appliances you need to move.

Load heavier items first
Plan to load large appliances, like refrigerators and larger pieces of furniture, into the truck first, so they can rest against the cab area for extra support. Make sure that you balance these heavy pieces by placing them centrally against the cab, with weight on either side of them to keep them in place.

Long pieces next
Sofas and other long pieces should be placed on end to take up the least amount of space. Box springs and mattresses fit best on their sides, against one of the truck’s long panels. Tables, bookcases, rolled carpets, floor lamps (minus shades) and bed frames should also be moved into the truck now.

Fill in the gaps
Once the heavy and long pieces are in place, bring on the heavy boxes. These should be secured against the furniture and other large or heavy pieces to keep them from shifting. Place lighter boxes on top of heavier ones, and then stack chairs and other awkwardly-shaped items against these boxes as securely as possible. Fragile things (carefully packed) should go in last.

Your “first night” kit
The last items in the back of your truck could include personal luggage and a box with all the essentials you’ll need for the first night in your new place: sheets, towels, coffee maker – whatever will make you feel most at home. You will be happy that you planned your first evening in your new home with these necessities close at hand.

With all the trouble you’ll spend packing your things, don’t leave your moving truck packing unplanned. Determine the sequence of items that will get carried in and you’ll have a more secure load that will – hopefully — arrive with your possessions intact.

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9 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Apartment with Fairy Lights

The mantle is a prime place to display fairy lights.

Fairy lights evoke many things for many people. Whether it’s illuminating a Christmas tree or adding light to a wedding reception, they can be the perfect way to create a magical atmosphere in just about any space. They also happen to be cheap and easy to transport, making them the perfect addition to the decor in any apartment.

If you’re struggling to add light to a space, fairy lights can really help to brighten up a dark corner or room. Here are nine creative ways to use fairy lights in decorating an apartment.

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Introducing the New Apartment Guide App!

The new Apartment Guide app is here and it’s better than ever, renters! Here are some of the amazing new features you’ll get when you download the app:

Introducing the New Apartment Guide App. New and Improved

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Renter Card

We’re making it easier than ever to contact a property when you’re interested! Your Renter Card is a mini-profile that contains info like your contact information, self-reported credit score, pets, and your preferred move-in date. With a simple click, you can send a property manager relevant information about yourself that they find most useful in finding the right renter for their apartment.

Introducing the New Apartment Guide App! Stand Out From the Crowd with a Renter Card

A Better Search Experience

Should you view apartment listings on a map or in a list? Now you don’t have to choose! Select an area on the map where you want to live and view the list of the available apartments–all of the same screen.

Introducing the New Apartment Guide App! A Better Search Experience

A Seamless Search

My Places automatically synchronizes saved properties on your app with the website, so you can search for a new apartment whenever, wherever. Take your search on the go as you view potential apartments and start right where you left off when you’re back in front of the computer.

Introducing the New Apartment Guide App! A Seamless Search

Technical Mumbo-Jumbo

We won’t bore you with the details, but we upgraded the app to make it way faster, so you’re never stuck waiting for something to load.

Introducing the New Apartment Guide App!

Download the Android App!

Download the iPhone App!

Download the Brand New iPad App!

Find Your Inner Jackson Pollock: Create Unique Art for Your Apartment

Spattering paint on a canvas is a fun, easy DIY project that gives you a unique piece of art to hang in your apartment. Image:

Spattering paint on a canvas is a fun, easy DIY project that gives you a unique piece of art to hang in your apartment. Image:

It can be frustrating when you have little control over how your apartment is decorated. You can’t paint the walls, you can’t change any fixtures and you might not even change the curtains.

However, there’s one thing you do have control over: The art you hang on your walls. The problem, then, is about how to find art or pictures that are truly unique. After all, who wants the same old pictures of Audrey Hepburn or Pinterest crayon art?

A spatter paint canvas is a great way to create something that is unique and stylish — something that can never be replicated, even by you! Here’s how you can make unique artwork for your apartment in no time.

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TV Apartments Quiz: Calling All Couch Potatoes!

Do you watch a lot of TV? It’s OK; we won’t judge you. In fact, you’re our kind of person! We love to talk about our favorite shows all the time here at Apartment Guide. But how much do you pay attention to the TV apartments in the backgrounds of your favorite sitcoms? If you take Monica out of the picture, would you recognize the Friends apartment? How about the abodes you’ve seen in Seinfeld or How I Met Your Mother?

If you think you know your TV apartments, take our quiz and see how big a fan you really are!

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4 Ways to Incorporate Your Hobby into Your Apartment Decor

This apartment dweller loves video games, so he incorporated a gaming station in his apartment. Image: San Marbeya, Tempe, AZ

This apartment dweller loves video games, so he incorporated a gaming station in his apartment. Image: San Marbeya, Tempe, AZ

Living in a rented space might not give you the freedom to remodel, but it does give you the perfect space to experiment with your personal tastes and find out what you do and don’t like. After all, your living space should reflect yourself and your personality.

What’s the best way to display your individualism through your decor? How do you decorate in a way that best reflects your own personal tastes and interests? Here are some ways to incorporate your hobby or passion into your apartment decor.

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9 Apartment Moving Hacks

9 Apartment Moving Hacks

Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting and great new chapter in a person’s life. But moving day itself can also be one of the most stressful days you’ll ever live through. As anyone who’s gone through this process can tell you, little tips to make the whole thing a bit easier are greatly appreciated.

So, with that in mind, we’ve provided you with some of the most useful tips and tricks to use next time you move to a new apartment.

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8 Ingenious Storage Ideas for Clothes, Shoes and More

Sometimes living in an apartment is great and can leave you a little short on space. This can lead to a major purge and the first things to go are some of your old clothes. Then you replace the old clothes with new clothes. And you’re back at square one.

But what if there was a way to keep all the clothes you love and still buy new threads? Here are some ingenious ways to make the most of your small space and easily store all those new and vintage fashions.

For such a small part of an outfit, scarves take up a surprising amount of space. For some reason, it is incredibly hard to find the right place to store them. This idea uses clear shoe holders, which allow you to keep your scarves out of the way while still being able to see them all at once. Another alternative is to use a tie rack to hang your scarves.

Shoes are clunky and awkwardly shaped. Throwing them under your bed or at the bottom of the closet is one way to deal with them, but why not add some organization? Use an old wine box to sort them neatly. Cover the wine box with a cool wrapping paper or fabric to make them look a little nicer.

Celebrity Closet Cues: How to Style Your Small Space Like a Rock Star

Sticking with the theme of shoes, here is another cheap and easy solution. When you live in an apartment, you are usually not allowed to make permanent changes to the property. Instead, a pallet propped against the wall is an excellent alternative to adding shelves.

The Lowdown on Shoe Storage: 6 Ways to Stomp Out Closet Messes

Dressers are expensive and difficult to move, especially down flights of stairs. If you want more space for clothes in your apartment, a good, cheap solution could be to make use of shelving units like this one. They fit just as many clothes, but they are easier to put together, cheaper, and much easier to move. You see clothes stored in shops this way all the time, so why not in your apartment?

Jewelry can become a huge mess when you don’t know what to do with it. Try hanging it on the wall using thumbtacks. Better yet, to prevent holes in the wall, use a bulletin board. Cover the board with wallpaper or wrapping paper first to give it a nicer look.

Use every inch of space that you have. For example, you probably have a desk in your apartment, but since everything is digital now, who has a need for desk drawers anymore? There is no reason why you can’t use them to store clothes, undergarments or spare bedding that just won’t fit anywhere else.

Confessions of a Magazine Hoarder

Suitcases themselves can be difficult to store, but if you find some decorative cases and turn them into a nightstand, you kill two birds with one stone. You get a cool nightstand, and more clothing storage space.

One last shoe suggestion (because you should never sacrifice your shoes for a lack of storage space!) is to simply hang your flip flops. You can either use small, child-size hangers, or easily transform cheap wire hangers. If you don’t know how, you can read a tutorial here.

5 Creative Home Storage Ideas

How do you store clothes and shoes in your small apartment?

Quiz: Where Should You Live?

Why do you live in your city? For most of us, something ties us to a place, whether it’s family, friends or a job. But if you had no ties and you could live anywhere you pleased, where would that be? Where should you live?

Take our quiz to see what type of place fits your personality. Do you belong at the beach, or nowhere near the water? Are you a country mouse or a city mouse? You may be surprised by your results!

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