Where the Jobs Are: 2013′s Top 4 Industries

Find a job in one of the top cities where these four industries are going strong: real estate and construction, energy, health care and technology.

Find a job in one of the top cities where these four industries are going strong: real estate and construction, energy, health care and technology.

The good news for job-seekers in 2013 is that some industries are expanding again, translating into more job openings in these areas than last year.

According to LearnVest.com, the top industries to watch in 2013 are real estate and construction, energy, health care and technology.

Ahead, we’ve listed some of the best cities to find these positions, with help from U.S. News, Forbes and NerdWallet.

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Whether it’s the search for alternative fuel sources or innovative engineering solutions, energy is an industry on the rise. Parts of the Midwest, Texas and the Gulf Coast are enjoying major growth in this sector. Cities such as Denver, CO; Oklahoma City, OK; Casper, WY; and Lafayette, LA, are good places to look for energy jobs. Texas, alone, has most of the nation’s boom cities in this category. Check out Odessa, Midland, Corpus Christi, and San Angelo. Anchorage, AK, also has a growing number of jobs in wind and other energy sectors.

Real estate
As the real estate market recovers, all related jobs are on the increase, as cited in this Seattle Post-Intelligencer article. Cities such as San Francisco, CA; Boston, MA; Seattle, WA; Austin and Houston, TX; and New York, NY, are seeing lots of increased investment and building.

This is good news for workers in construction, as well. As new construction gears up with a rising real estate market, low mortgage rates, and a need for new homes, building is again one of the faster-growing sectors of the job market.

Phoenix, AZ, is recovering well and is regaining its pre-bubble position as a center of new construction, both residential and commercial. In more out-of-the-way metropolitan areas, as well, building is on the increase. Anchorage, AK, is growing in a number of sectors, all of which require more people for housing and commercial building. In Utah, the Provo-Orem area is growing quickly, requiring plenty of new construction.

Health care
As Americans age, the health care industry continues to expand. Health care jobs have been an area of the economy that has weathered the storms of recession well, and 2013 is poised for further growth.

Cities that will be hiring heavily in health care include Seattle, WA; Milwaukee, WI; Boston, MA; and Baltimore, MD, according to information from the NerdWallet and U.S. News websites.

From software development to social media, technology is growing nicely and will continue to do so in 2013. Jobs in this sector are cropping up in some places that might surprise you, like Salt Lake City, UT, which is catching Silicon Valley expansion from companies such as Adobe, Electronic Arts and Twitter.

Seattle, home of Microsoft, continues to be a technology hub, including jobs in biotechnology. Texas is in the forefront of technology jobs, as well, especially in Austin and Dallas.

Further east, in Winston-Salem, NC, the Piedmont Triad Research Park is gaining in high-tech areas such as nanotechnology, biomedical life sciences and design, with even more tech jobs sprouting up in the Raleigh-Cary area. Hartford, CT, is another city looking to fill tech spots, especially with main employer United Technologies.

If you’re on the lookout for a new job this year, these four industries provide a great place to start. Whether you’re already active in one of these sectors or are looking for the best career path to follow, there are plenty of cities across the country showing promise for your next career move.

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