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3850 Vitruvian Way, Addison, TX 75001(310 Ratings)Neighborhoods: Far North Dallas, Northwest DallasFar North Dallas
Northwest Dallas

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Floor Plans & Pricing

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Form (E1)

Beds:0Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.499Rent:$1010-$1453Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Begin (E1) Brand New

Beds:0Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.533Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Renew (A1A) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.554Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Shape (A1A)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.651Rent:$1233-$1922Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Touch (A1B)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.683Rent:$1233-$2279Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Believe (A1c)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.688Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Act (A1B) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.700Rent:$1373-$2760Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Build (A1D) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.741Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Rise (A1C) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.750Rent:$1298-$2586Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Stretch (A1D)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.754Rent:$1323-$2319Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Lift (A1F) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.803Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Inspire (A1E) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.805Rent:$1355-$2763Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Flow (A1E)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.805Rent:$1211-$2140Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Inspire Terrace (A1ET) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.805Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Climb (A1FD)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.852Rent:$1469-$2615Term:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Soar (A1.5A) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.917Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Thrive (A1GD)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.953Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Reach (A1.5D)

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1042Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Move (A1.5B) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1053Rent:$1564-$3032Term:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Extend (A1.5C) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1181Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Trust (A1.5D) Brand New

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1200Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$150

Leap (B1.5)

Beds:2Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1004Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$300

Share (B2A)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1035Rent:$1481-$3464Term:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Discover (B2A) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1050Rent:$1675-$3530Term:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Twist (B2B) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1063Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Spring (B2B)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1082Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Jump (B2C) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1083Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Belong (B2D) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1106Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Refresh 1 (B2E) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1133Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Grow (B2C)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1133Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Savor (B2D)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1143Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Create (B2E)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1152Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Explore (B2F)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1162Rent:$1735-$3880Term:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Give (B2F) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1190Rent:$1885-$3939Term:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Connect (B2G)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1197Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Refresh 2 (B2G) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1224Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Mix (B2I) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1226Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Shine (B2H)

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1276Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Seek (B2H) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1295Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

GO (B2J) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1326Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Stir (B2.5ATH) Brand New

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1393Rent:$1821-$3303Term:Per MonthDeposit:$250

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

StyleBedsBa1/2 BaSq. Ft.RentTermDeposit
Form (E1)010499$1010-$1453Per Month$150
Begin (E1) Brand New010533Please CallPer Month$150
Renew (A1A) Brand New110554Please CallPer Month$150
Shape (A1A)110651$1233-$1922Per Month$150
Touch (A1B)110683$1233-$2279Per Month$150
Believe (A1c)110688Please CallPer Month$150
Act (A1B) Brand New110700$1373-$2760Per Month$150
Build (A1D) Brand New110741Please CallPer Month$150
Rise (A1C) Brand New110750$1298-$2586Per Month$150
Stretch (A1D)110754$1323-$2319Per Month$150
Lift (A1F) Brand New110803Please CallPer Month$150
Inspire (A1E) Brand New110805$1355-$2763Per Month$150
Flow (A1E)110805$1211-$2140Per Month$150
Inspire Terrace (A1ET) Brand New110805Please CallPer Month$150
Climb (A1FD)110852$1469-$2615Per Month$150
Soar (A1.5A) Brand New110917Please CallPer Month$150
Thrive (A1GD)110953Please CallPer Month$150
Reach (A1.5D)1101042Please CallPer Month$150
Move (A1.5B) Brand New1101053$1564-$3032Per Month$250
Extend (A1.5C) Brand New1101181Please CallPer Month$150
Trust (A1.5D) Brand New1101200Please CallPer Month$150
Leap (B1.5)2101004Please CallPer Month$300
Share (B2A)2201035$1481-$3464Per Month$250
Discover (B2A) Brand New2201050$1675-$3530Per Month$250
Twist (B2B) Brand New2201063Please CallPer Month$250
Spring (B2B)2201082Please CallPer Month$250
Jump (B2C) Brand New2201083Please CallPer Month$250
Belong (B2D) Brand New2201106Please CallPer Month$250
Refresh 1 (B2E) Brand New2201133Please CallPer Month$250
Grow (B2C)2201133Please CallPer Month$250
Savor (B2D)2201143Please CallPer Month$250
Create (B2E)2201152Please CallPer Month$250
Explore (B2F)2201162$1735-$3880Per Month$250
Give (B2F) Brand New2201190$1885-$3939Per Month$250
Connect (B2G)2201197Please CallPer Month$250
Refresh 2 (B2G) Brand New2201224Please CallPer Month$250
Mix (B2I) Brand New2201226Please CallPer Month$250
Shine (B2H)2201276Please CallPer Month$250
Seek (B2H) Brand New2201295Please CallPer Month$250
GO (B2J) Brand New2201326Please CallPer Month$250
Stir (B2.5ATH) Brand New2201393$1821-$3303Per Month$250

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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