The Devon

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712 Tucker Street, Raleigh, NC 27603Neighborhood: Glenwood South

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Floor Plans & Pricing

1A - Studio

Beds:0Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.583Rent:$1341Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1B - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.720Rent:$1461-$1775Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1C - 1x1 w/Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.767Rent:$1588Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1D - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.780Rent:$1670-$1747Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1E - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.793Rent:$1609-$1877Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1F - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.796Rent:$1425Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1G - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.829Rent:$1555-$1570Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1H - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.837Rent:$1500-$1560Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1I - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.844Rent:$1540-$1565Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1J - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.847Rent:$1732Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1K - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.875Rent:$1352Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1L - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.931Rent:$2075Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1M - 1x1 w/Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.948Rent:$1512Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1N - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.950Rent:$1352-$1417Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1O - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.950Rent:$1640Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1P - 1x1 w/Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.975Rent:$1697-$1727Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1Q - 1x1 w/Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1041Rent:$1747Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1R - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1071Rent:$1477-$1587Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1T - 1x1

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1125Rent:$1906Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1U - 1x1 w/Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1369Rent:$1882Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

1S - 1x1.5 TH

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1112Rent:$1657Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2H - 2x1.5 w/Loft

Beds:2Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1451Rent:$2225Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2J - 2x1.5 TH

Beds:2Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1577Rent:$2206Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2A - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1130Rent:$1710-$1725Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2B - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1145Rent:$2192Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2C - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1146Rent:$2104Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2D - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1148Rent:$2048Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2E - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1230Rent:$1810-$1840Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2F - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1303Rent:$2541Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2G - 2x2 w/Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1429Rent:$2696Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2I - 2x2

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1485Rent:$2525Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

2K - 2x2 w/Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1627Rent:$2515Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

StyleBedsBa1/2 BaSq. Ft.RentTermDepositUnit Availability
1A - Studio010583$1341Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1B - 1x1110720$1461-$1775Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1C - 1x1 w/Loft110767$1588Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1D - 1x1110780$1670-$1747Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1E - 1x1110793$1609-$1877Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1F - 1x1110796$1425Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1G - 1x1110829$1555-$1570Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1H - 1x1110837$1500-$1560Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1I - 1x1110844$1540-$1565Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1J - 1x1110847$1732Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1K - 1x1110875$1352Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1L - 1x1110931$2075Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1M - 1x1 w/Loft110948$1512Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1N - 1x1110950$1352-$1417Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1O - 1x1110950$1640Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1P - 1x1 w/Loft110975$1697-$1727Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1Q - 1x1 w/Loft1101041$1747Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1R - 1x11101071$1477-$1587Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1T - 1x11101125$1906Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1U - 1x1 w/Loft1101369$1882Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
1S - 1x1.5 TH1111112$1657Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2H - 2x1.5 w/Loft2111451$2225Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2J - 2x1.5 TH2111577$2206Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2A - 2x22201130$1710-$1725Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2B - 2x22201145$2192Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2C - 2x22201146$2104Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2D - 2x22201148$2048Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2E - 2x22201230$1810-$1840Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2F - 2x22201303$2541Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2G - 2x2 w/Loft2201429$2696Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2I - 2x22201485$2525Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
2K - 2x2 w/Loft2201627$2515Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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