Halstead Danvers

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1101 Kirkbride Drive, Danvers, MA 01923(463 Ratings)

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Floor Plans & Pricing

A5 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.718Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF1 Garden Style

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.746Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF2 Garden Style

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.755Rent:$1510Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A5 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.805Rent:$1550Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD2 Direct Entry

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.824Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD3 Direct Entry

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.851Rent:$1575-$1750Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.858Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A8 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.878Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF2L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.892Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A9 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.894Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A9 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.894Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF1L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.899Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A8 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.900Rent:$1725Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A10 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.920Rent:$1580-$1675Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A12 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.928Rent:$1675Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6D Midrise + Den

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.932Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A13 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.948Rent:$1725Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A17 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1000Rent:$1670Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A14L Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1038Rent:$1640Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6L Midrise + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1071Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD2L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1114Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A12L Midrise + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1198Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6DL Midrise + Den Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1204Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD3L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1248Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

Affordable Units

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A15L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1010Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A18L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1014Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A22L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1089Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B1 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1067Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B6L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1091Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B8 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1112Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B2 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1118Rent:$1660-$1855Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BF4 Garden Style

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1119Rent:$1795-$1815Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B9 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1125Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD3 Direct Entry

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1131Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B8 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1138Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B17 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1144Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B11 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1158Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B10 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1160Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD5 Direct Entry

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1173Rent:$1905Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B11 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1183Rent:$1820Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B13 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1205Rent:$1965Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B14 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1237Rent:$1749Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B15 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1239Rent:$1690Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BF3L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1259Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B5L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1260Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B16L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1260Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BF4L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1280Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1288Rent:$1860Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B2L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1353Rent:$2150Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18D Midrise + Den

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1390Rent:$2130Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B17 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1391Rent:$1850Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B13L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1445Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD3L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1446Rent:$2200-$2325Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1449Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B5L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1497Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD5L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1560Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B16L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1576Rent:$2180Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1576Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18LD Midrise + Den Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1676Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CF1 Garden Style

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1265Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CD1 Direct Entry

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1278Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CF1L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1472Rent:$2325Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

C2L Midrise + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1544Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

C3 Midrise

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1625Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CD1L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1767Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

C3L Midrise + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1975Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

StyleBedsBa1/2 BaSq. Ft.RentTermDepositUnit Availability
A5 Kirkbride110718Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AF1 Garden Style110746Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AF2 Garden Style110755$1510Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A5 Midrise110805$1550Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AD2 Direct Entry110824Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AD3 Direct Entry110851$1575-$1750Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6 Kirkbride110858Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A8 Kirkbride110878Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AF2L Garden Style + Loft110892Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A9 Kirkbride110894Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A9 Midrise110894Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AF1L Garden Style + Loft110899Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A8 Kirkbride110900$1725Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A10 Midrise110920$1580-$1675Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A12 Midrise110928$1675Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6D Midrise + Den110932Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A13 Kirkbride110948$1725Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A17 Kirkbride1101000$1670Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A14L Kirkbride1101038$1640Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6L Midrise + Loft1101071Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AD2L Direct Entry + Loft1101114Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A12L Midrise + Loft1101198Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A6DL Midrise + Den Loft1101204Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
AD3L Direct Entry + Loft1101248Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
Affordable Units110Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A15L Kirkbride + Loft1111010Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A18L Kirkbride + Loft1111014Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
A22L Kirkbride + Loft1111089Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B1 Kirkbride2201067Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B6L Kirkbride + Loft2201091Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B8 Kirkbride2201112Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B2 Midrise2201118$1660-$1855Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BF4 Garden Style2201119$1795-$1815Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B9 Kirkbride2201125Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
BD3 Direct Entry2201131Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B8 Kirkbride2201138Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B17 Kirkbride2201144Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B11 Kirkbride2201158Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B10 Kirkbride2201160Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
BD5 Direct Entry2201173$1905Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B11 Midrise2201183$1820Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B13 Midrise2201205$1965Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B14 Midrise2201237$1749Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B15 Midrise2201239$1690Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BF3L Garden Style + Loft2201259Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B5L Kirkbride + Loft2201260Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B16L Kirkbride + Loft2201260Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
BF4L Garden Style + Loft2201280Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B18 Midrise2201288$1860Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B2L Midrise + Loft2201353$2150Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18D Midrise + Den2201390$2130Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B17 Midrise2201391$1850Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B13L Midrise + Loft2201445Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
BD3L Direct Entry + Loft2201446$2200-$2325Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18L Kirkbride + Loft2201449Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B5L Midrise + Loft2201497Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
BD5L Direct Entry + Loft2201560Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B16L Midrise + Loft2201576$2180Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18L Midrise + Loft2201576Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
B18LD Midrise + Den Loft2201676Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
CF1 Garden Style3201265Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
CD1 Direct Entry3201278Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
CF1L Garden Style + Loft3201472$2325Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
C2L Midrise + Loft3201544Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
C3 Midrise3201625Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
CD1L Direct Entry + Loft3201767Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable
C3L Midrise + Loft3201975Please CallPer MonthPlease CallUnit Unavailable

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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