Halstead Danvers

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1101 Kirkbride Drive, Danvers, MA 01923(457 Ratings)

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Floor Plans & Pricing

A5 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.718Rent:$1650Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF1 Garden Style

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.746Rent:$1625Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF2 Garden Style

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.755Rent:$1625Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A5 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.805Rent:$1675Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD2 Direct Entry

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.824Rent:$1830Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD3 Direct Entry

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.851Rent:$1750Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.858Rent:$1645-$1655Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A8 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.878Rent:$1745Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF2L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.892Rent:$1525-$1680Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A9 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.894Rent:$1550Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A9 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.894Rent:$1650Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AF1L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.899Rent:$1525-$1680Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A8 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.900Rent:$1615-$1690Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A10 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.920Rent:$1675-$1725Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A12 Midrise

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.928Rent:$1700Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6D Midrise + Den

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.932Rent:$1625Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A13 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.948Rent:$1650-$1789Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A17 Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1000Rent:$1825Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A14L Kirkbride

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1038Rent:$1665Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6L Midrise + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1071Rent:$1700-$1740Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD2L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1114Rent:$1750-$1765Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A12L Midrise + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1198Rent:$1700Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A6DL Midrise + Den Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1204Rent:$1705Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

AD3L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1248Rent:$1750Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

Affordable Units

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A15L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1010Rent:$1800Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A18L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1014Rent:$1835Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

A22L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:1Sq. Ft.1089Rent:$1800Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B1 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1067Rent:$1945-$1955Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B6L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1091Rent:$2150Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B8 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1112Rent:$1950Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B2 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1118Rent:$1950-$1975Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BF4 Garden Style

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1119Rent:$1915-$1975Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B9 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1125Rent:$1930-$1965Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD3 Direct Entry

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1131Rent:$2000Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B8 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1138Rent:$1895Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B17 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1144Rent:$1940-$1960Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B11 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1158Rent:$1950Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B10 Kirkbride

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1160Rent:$1905-$1975Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD5 Direct Entry

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1173Rent:$1890-$2045Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B11 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1183Rent:$1845-$1855Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B13 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1205Rent:$1795-$1865Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B14 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1237Rent:$1975Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B15 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1239Rent:$2050Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BF3L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1259Rent:$1900Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B5L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1260Rent:$2150Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B16L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1260Rent:$2250Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BF4L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1280Rent:$1900Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1288Rent:$1800-$2000Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B2L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1353Rent:$2000-$2150Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18D Midrise + Den

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1390Rent:$2000-$2150Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B17 Midrise

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1391Rent:$2000Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B13L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1445Rent:$2045-$2055Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD3L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1446Rent:$2200-$2325Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18L Kirkbride + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1449Rent:$2360Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B5L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1497Rent:$2050Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

BD5L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1560Rent:$2240Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B16L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1576Rent:$2050-$2060Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18L Midrise + Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1576Rent:$2165-$2175Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

B18LD Midrise + Den Loft

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1676Rent:$2250Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CF1 Garden Style

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1265Rent:$2155-$2400Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CD1 Direct Entry

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1278Rent:$2510-$2650Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CF1L Garden Style + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1472Rent:$2450Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

C2L Midrise + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1544Rent:$2600-$2700Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

C3 Midrise

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1625Rent:$2435Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

CD1L Direct Entry + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1767Rent:$2500-$2600Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

C3L Midrise + Loft

Beds:3Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1975Rent:$2600Term:Per MonthDeposit:Please Call

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

StyleBedsBa1/2 BaSq. Ft.RentTermDepositUnit Availability
A5 Kirkbride110718$1650Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AF1 Garden Style110746$1625Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AF2 Garden Style110755$1625Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A5 Midrise110805$1675Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AD2 Direct Entry110824$1830Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AD3 Direct Entry110851$1750Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6 Kirkbride110858$1645-$1655Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A8 Kirkbride110878$1745Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AF2L Garden Style + Loft110892$1525-$1680Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A9 Midrise110894$1550Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A9 Kirkbride110894$1650Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AF1L Garden Style + Loft110899$1525-$1680Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A8 Kirkbride110900$1615-$1690Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A10 Midrise110920$1675-$1725Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A12 Midrise110928$1700Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6D Midrise + Den110932$1625Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A13 Kirkbride110948$1650-$1789Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A17 Kirkbride1101000$1825Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A14L Kirkbride1101038$1665Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6L Midrise + Loft1101071$1700-$1740Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AD2L Direct Entry + Loft1101114$1750-$1765Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A12L Midrise + Loft1101198$1700Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A6DL Midrise + Den Loft1101204$1705Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
AD3L Direct Entry + Loft1101248$1750Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
Affordable Units110Please CallPer MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A15L Kirkbride + Loft1111010$1800Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A18L Kirkbride + Loft1111014$1835Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
A22L Kirkbride + Loft1111089$1800Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B1 Kirkbride2201067$1945-$1955Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B6L Kirkbride + Loft2201091$2150Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B8 Kirkbride2201112$1950Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B2 Midrise2201118$1950-$1975Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BF4 Garden Style2201119$1915-$1975Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B9 Kirkbride2201125$1930-$1965Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BD3 Direct Entry2201131$2000Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B8 Kirkbride2201138$1895Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B17 Kirkbride2201144$1940-$1960Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B11 Kirkbride2201158$1950Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B10 Kirkbride2201160$1905-$1975Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BD5 Direct Entry2201173$1890-$2045Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B11 Midrise2201183$1845-$1855Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B13 Midrise2201205$1795-$1865Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B14 Midrise2201237$1975Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B15 Midrise2201239$2050Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BF3L Garden Style + Loft2201259$1900Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B5L Kirkbride + Loft2201260$2150Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B16L Kirkbride + Loft2201260$2250Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BF4L Garden Style + Loft2201280$1900Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18 Midrise2201288$1800-$2000Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B2L Midrise + Loft2201353$2000-$2150Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18D Midrise + Den2201390$2000-$2150Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B17 Midrise2201391$2000Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B13L Midrise + Loft2201445$2045-$2055Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BD3L Direct Entry + Loft2201446$2200-$2325Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18L Kirkbride + Loft2201449$2360Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B5L Midrise + Loft2201497$2050Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
BD5L Direct Entry + Loft2201560$2240Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B16L Midrise + Loft2201576$2050-$2060Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18L Midrise + Loft2201576$2165-$2175Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
B18LD Midrise + Den Loft2201676$2250Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
CF1 Garden Style3201265$2155-$2400Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
CD1 Direct Entry3201278$2510-$2650Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
CF1L Garden Style + Loft3201472$2450Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
C2L Midrise + Loft3201544$2600-$2700Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
C3 Midrise3201625$2435Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
CD1L Direct Entry + Loft3201767$2500-$2600Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now
C3L Midrise + Loft3201975$2600Per MonthPlease CallReserve Now

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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