660 Washington

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660 Washington St., Boston, MA 02111Neighborhood: Downtown

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Floor Plans & Pricing

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Studio B

Beds:0Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.560Rent:$3080Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

Studio A

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.550Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom A

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.600Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom B

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.630Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom C

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.642Rent:$3555-$3885Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

1 Bedroom D

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.672Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom E

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.682Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom G

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.685Rent:$3665-$3880Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

1 Bedroom F

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.685Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom H

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.715Rent:$3765-$4000Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

1 Bedroom I

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.745Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom J

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.745Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom K

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.842Rent:$3210-$3235Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

1 Bedroom L

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.879Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom M

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.882Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom N

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.905Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom O

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.946Rent:$3862Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

1 Bedroom P

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.950Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom Q

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1042Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom R

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1115Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom U

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1145Rent:$3780Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

1 Bedroom S

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1145Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom T

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1145Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

1 Bedroom V

Beds:1Baths:11/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1272Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms A

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.944Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms B

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.960Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedroom L

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.971Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms E

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1030Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedroom K

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1035Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms G

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1053Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms H

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1063Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms I

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1063Rent:Please CallTerm:Per MonthDeposit:$0

2 Bedrooms J

Beds:2Baths:21/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1140Rent:$5210-$6370Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

3+ Bedrooms A

Beds:3Baths:31/2 Ba.:0Sq. Ft.1540Rent:$7993Term:Per MonthDeposit:$1000

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

StyleBedsBa1/2 BaSq. Ft.RentTermDeposit
Studio B010560$3080Per Month$1000
Studio A110550Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom A110600Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom B110630Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom C110642$3555-$3885Per Month$1000
1 Bedroom D110672Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom E110682Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom G110685$3665-$3880Per Month$1000
1 Bedroom F110685Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom H110715$3765-$4000Per Month$1000
1 Bedroom I110745Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom J110745Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom K110842$3210-$3235Per Month$1000
1 Bedroom L110879Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom M110882Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom N110905Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom O110946$3862Per Month$1000
1 Bedroom P110950Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom Q1101042Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom R1101115Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom U1101145$3780Per Month$1000
1 Bedroom S1101145Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom T1101145Please CallPer Month$0
1 Bedroom V1101272Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms A220944Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms B220960Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedroom L220971Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms E2201030Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedroom K2201035Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms G2201053Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms H2201063Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms I2201063Please CallPer Month$0
2 Bedrooms J2201140$5210-$6370Per Month$1000
3+ Bedrooms A3301540$7993Per Month$1000

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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