Reed Square Apartments

1070 Reed Avenue Sunnyvale California 94086

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Other Sunnyvale apartments offer the 1-person, standing-room-only-type patios. Why should you settle for a toll-booth sized outdoor entertaining area? In contrast, Reed Square's large floor plans give you enough space to host a pop and lock dance contest. Spectators wolf down your signature yam fries with wasabi garlic aioli judges evaluate air chair spins and hand hops. Ok, so thats an exaggeration. The yam fries are not homemade but re-heated from a previous night at St. Johns Bar & Grill. But the double-patio? Roomy. What keeps Senior Tech Support Engineers thrusting their rib cages and rolling their shoulders? Ordering in pizza from Jakes of Sunnyvale keeps the party going. Whats the best on the menu? Locals praise the Gilroy Special with, you guessed it, garlic. Reed Square apartment community is made for you to enjoy. Your days of dinky patio living are over.

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